BATSE Burst Catalogs: Reference and Tools
The table below contains a listing of the Trigger Number range in each of the BATSE Catalogs, and the catalog start and end dates. Each catalog begins with the first BATSE trigger number 105, which was recorded on TJD 8367 (910421).

Catalog Name End Trigger Number of Triggers End TJD End Date
1B 1466 263 8687 920306
2B 2230 586 9055 930309
3B 3174 1122 9615 940920
4B 5586 1637 10324 960829

There is also an IDL program available that will read the BATSE 3B catalog data files, where xxx designates the dataset (for example, basic, or flux):

The calling sequence for the reader is as follows:

IDL> read_3b_catalog, data, header

data is a stucture containing the catalog information, and header is a explanation of the dataset. You will be given a choice of the catalog table to read. The required data files are available: