Fermi GBM XRB Publications

    Refereed Publications


  1. The Fermi-GBM X-Ray Burst Monitor: Thermonuclear Bursts from 4U 0614+09, Linares, M.; Connaughton, V.; Jenke, P.; van der Horst, A. J.; Camero-Arranz, A.; Kouveliotou, C.; Chakrabarty, D.; Beklen, E.; Bhat, P. N.; Briggs, M. S.; Finger, M.; Paciesas, W. S.; Preece, R.; von Kienlin, A.; Wilson-Hodge, C. A. ApJ, 760, 133L, 2012 and [arXiv:1209.6053].



  1. The Fermi-GBM X-ray Burst Monitor Linares, M;Fermi GBM X-ray Burst Collaboration, The First Year of MAXI: Monitoring Variable X-ray Sources

    Astronomer's Telegrams


  1. Fermi-GBM detection of a thermonuclear burst from 4U 1608-52 Jenke, P.; Linares, M.; Connaughton, V.; van der Horst, A. J.; Camero-Arranz, A.; Finger, M.; Wilson-Hodge, C.; Kouveliotou, C ATel #4091.

    Preliniary Three Year Catalog

  1. Gamma Ray Burst Monitor Catalog of Type 1 X-ray Bursts and other Transients

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