Proceedings of the 1993 Huntsville Gamma-Ray Burst Workshop

The Second Huntsville Gamma-Ray Burst Workshop was held in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, between the 20th and 22nd of October, 1993. The proceedings of this workshop is titled GAMMA-RAY BURSTS: Second Workshop, Huntsville, AL 1993, edited by G.J. Fishman, J.J. Brainerd, and K. Hurley. The volume was published in 1994 by AIP Press in New York as AIP Converence Proceedings 307.


Table of Contents

General observations and global studies

  1. General Burst Observations
  2. Intensity Distributions and Isotropy Measures
  3. Studies of and Searches for Burst Repetition and Clustering

Temporal studies

Spectral studies

Burst localizations and searches for counterparts

  1. Burst Localization
  2. Counterparts---General
  3. Optical Counterparts
  4. X-Ray Counterparts
  5. Very High Energy Counterpart Searchs
  6. Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters---Counterparts

Burst origins and emission processes (Theory)

  1. Cosmological Models
  2. Galactic Models
  3. Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters---Theory

Instrumentation and new analysis techniques


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