Burst Origins and Emission Processes (Theory)

Cosmological Models

T. Piran:

P. Mészáros and M.J. Rees:
Shock Models and O, X, Gamma Signatures of Gamma-Ray Burst Sources

C.D. Dermer and R. Schlickeiser:
Gamma-Ray Bursts and Gamma-Ray Blazers

M. Fatuzzo and F. Melia:
Focusing of Alfvénic Power in Neutron Star Magnetospheres

A.K. Harding and M.G. Baring:
Escape of High-Energy Photons from Relativistically Expanding Gamma-Ray Burst Sources

J. Isern, M. Hernanz, R. Mochkovitch, and X. Martin:
Gamma-Ray Bursts from Black Hole-Neutron Star Mergers

J.I. Katz:
Radio and Optical Emission, Spectral Shapes and Breaks in GRB

A. Loeb:
Axion Bursts from Supernovae at Cosmological Distances

R. Mochkovitch, S. Loiseau, M. Hernanz, and J. Isern:
Gamma-Ray Bursts from Relativistic Beams in Neutron Star Mergers

B. Paczynski, J. Rhoads, and G. Xu:
Radio and Neutrino Emission from Theoretical Gamma-Ray Bursters

T. Piran:
Gamma-Ray Bursts from Neutron Star Mergers

A. Shemi:
GRBs from Compton Drag of Relativistic Flows

A. Shemi:
Cosmic Fireballs and Gamma Ray Bursts

V.V. Usov:
On the Nature of Nonthermal Radiation from Cosmological Gamma-Ray Bursters

I. Yi:
Relativistic Bulk Motion and Statistics of Beamed Gamma-Ray Bursts

Galactic Models

D.H. Hartmann:
Searching for a Galactic Origin of Gamma-Ray Bursts

M.G. Baring:
Gamma-Ray Burst Continuum Spectra from Magnetic Inverse Compton Scattering

D.B. Cline and W. Hong:
The Observation of Unusual Gamma Ray Burst from Primordial Black Hole Evaporation

S.A. Colgate and P.J.T. Leonard:
Gamma-Ray Bursts from the Accretion of Solid Bodies onto High-Velocity Galactic Neutron Stars

J.C. Higdon and R.E. Lingenfelter:
Dual Population, Galactic Neutron Star Models of Gamma-Ray Bursts Revisited

J.E. Horvath:
Halo Population of Quark Nuggets as Gamma-Bursters: The Glow of Dark Matter?

W. Kundt and H.-K. Chang:
Nearby Neutron Stars as the Sources of the Gamma-Ray Bursts

H. Li, R. Duncan, and C. Thompson:
Beamed Gamma-Ray Bursts from the Galactic Halo: Model Comparisons with BATSE Data

M.J. Rees, P. Mészáros, and M.C. Begelman:
Why `Galactic' Gamma-Ray Bursts Might Depend on Environment: Blast Waves Around Neutron Stars

I.A. Smith:
Galactic Arm and Disk Plus Halo Models of Gamma-Ray Burst Sources

J.C.L. Wang and R.W. Nelson:
A Possible Cyclotron Line Signature from Quiescent Gamma-Ray Burst Counterparts

R.S. White:
BATSE Requirements for a Colliding Comet Source of Gamma-Ray Bursts

Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters---Theory

R.C. Duncan and C. Thompson:
Astrophysics of Very Strongly Magnetized Neutron Stars: A Model for the Soft Gamma Repeaters

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