Temporal Studies

C. Kouveliotou, C.A. Meegan, G.J. Fishman, P.N. Bhat, M.S. Briggs, T.M. Koshut, W.S. Paciesas, and G.N. Pendleton:
Two Classes of Gamma Ray Bursts

J.P. Norris, R.J. Nemiroff, S.P. Davis, C. Kouveliotou, G.J. Fishman, C.A. Meegan, and W.S. Paciesas:
Exploration of Bi-Modality in Gamma-Ray Burst Duration and Hardness Distributions

J.P. Norris:
Measuring the Distribution of Temporal Structure in Gamma-Ray Bursts

S.P. Davis, J.P. Norris, C. Kouveliotou, G.J. Fishman, C.A. Meegan, and W.S. Paciesas:
Pulse Width Distributions and Total Counts as Indicators of Cosmological Time Dilation in Gamma-Ray Bursts

I.G. Mitrofanov, A.M. Chernenko, A.S. Pozanenko, W.S. Paciesas, C. Kouveliotou, C.A. Meegan, G.J. Fishman, and R.Z. Sagdeev:
The Average Temporal Profile of BATSE Gamma-Ray Bursts: Comparison between Strong and Weak Events

B.M. Belli:
Study of the Temporal Behavior of Fourteen Fast Gamma-Ray Bursts of the SIGNE Experiment

P.N. Bhat, G.J. Fishman, C.A. Meegan, R.B. Wilson, and W.S. Paciesas:
Morphological Study of Short Gamma Ray Bursts

E. Chipman:
Frequency-Dependent Energy Phase Lags in Gamma-Ray Bursts

V.E. Kargatis, H. Li, E.P. Liang, I.A. Smith, K. Hurley, C. Barat, and M. Niel:
Duration Versus Brightness of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Comparisons Between SIGNE and BATSE

J.P. Lestrade, M. Briggs, W.B. Paciesas, G.J. Fishman, C.A. Meegan, and R.B. Wilson:
Gamma-Ray Burst Variability: A Search for Correlations with Other Parameters

H. Li, E. Liang, I.A. Smith, and V. Kargatis:
Effects of Pulse Shape on the Details of the `Fluence Edge' for Short Bursts

R.E. Lingenfelter, V.C. Wang, and J.C. Higdon:
Gamma Ray Burst Repetition and the Definition of Bursts

C. Graziani and D.Q. Lamb:
Evidence for Two Distinct Morphological Classes of Gamma-Ray Bursts

C. Meegan and C. Kouveliotou:
On Burst Classification Using Peak Rate Ratios

R.J. Nemiroff, J.P. Norris, C. Kouveliotou, G.J. Fishman, C.A. Meegan, and W.S. Paciesas:
Time Asymetry in Gamma-Ray Burst Light Curves

R. Rutledge and W.H.G. Lewin:
On the Usefulness of `Variability' in Gamma-Ray Bursts

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