General observations and global studies

General Burst Observations

C. Meegan, G. Fishman, R. Wilson, M. Brock, J. Horack, W. Paciesas, G. Pendleton, M. Briggs, T. Koshut, C. Kouveliotou, B. Teegarden, J. Matteson, and J. Hakkila:
Two and a Half Years of BATSE Burst Observations

S. Brandt, N. Lund, and A.J. Castro-Tirado:
Gamma Ray Bursts Observed with WATCH-EURECA

A.J. Castro-Tirado, S. Brandt, N. Lund, I.Y. Lapshov, O. Terekhov, and R.A. Sunyaev:
WATCH Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts During 1990-1992

B.L. Dingus, R. Sreekumar, E.J. Schneid, D.L. Bertsch, C.E. Fichtel, A.K. Harding, R.C. Hartman, S.D. Hunter, D.J. Thompson, J.R. Mattox, K. Hurley, D.A. Kniffen, G. Kanbach, H.A. Mayer-Hasselwander, M. Sommer, C. von Montigny, Y.C. Lin, P.F. Michelson, and P.L. Nolan:
EGRET Observations of Three Gamma-Ray Bursts at Energies > 30 MeV

K. Hurley, M. Sommer, C. Kouveliotou, G. Fishman, C. Meegan, T. Cline, M. Boër, and M. Niel:
The Ulysses Supplement to the First BATSE Catalog of Gamma-Ray Bursts

J.G. Laros, W. Boynton, R. McCloskey, A. Metzger, R. Starr, and J. Trombka:
Status of Burst Detection by the Mars Observer GRS Experiment

J. Terrell, P. Lee, R.W. Klebesadel, and J.W. Griffee:
DMSP Satellites as Gamma-Ray Burst Detectors

Intensity Distributions and Isotropy Measures

D.L. Band:
The Effect of Repeating Burst Sources on

M.S. Briggs, W.S. Paciesas, G.N. Pendleton, G.J. Fishman, C.A. Meegan, R.B. Wilson, M.N. Brock, and C. Kouveliotou:
The Isotropy of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Dipole and Quadrupole Tests

L.E. Brown, D.H. Hartmann, and L.-S. The:
Model Independent Constraints on Heliocentric Gamma-Ray Burst Models

D. Eichler:
Are Gamma Ray Bursts Nearby?

J. Hakkila, C.A. Meegan, G.J. Fishman, R.B. Wilson, M.N. Brock, J.M. Horack, G.N. Pendleton, W.S. Paciesas, and M.S. Briggs:
Additional Constraints on Galactic Coronal/Extended Halo Source Distributions from BATSE Observations

J.M. Horack and A.G. Emslie:
Integral Moment Analysis of the BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Intensity Distribution

J.M. Horack, S.D. Storey, T.M. Koshut, R.S. Mallozzi, and A.G. Emslie:
Implications of the BATSE Data for a Heliocentric Origin of Gamma-Ray Bursts

D.Q. Lamb and J.M. Quashnock:
Evidence for the Galactic Origin of Gamma-Ray Bursts

H. Li, I.A. Smith, and R.C. Duncan:
Comments on Galactic Anisotropy of Gamma-Ray Bursts

V. Petrosian, W.J. Azzam, and C.A. Meegan:
The Slope of the Log N-Log S Distribution for BATSE Gamma-Ray Bursts

V. Petrosian, W.J. Azzam, K. Hurley, and G. Share:
Comparing and Combining the Gamma-Ray Bursts from SMM, SIGNE, and BATSE

V. Petrosian, T.T. Lee, and W.J. Azzam:
Distribution of Peak Counts and Duration of Gamma-Ray Bursts

R. Rutledge and W.H.G. Lewin:
On the Galactic Distribution of Gamma-Ray Bursts

I.A. Smith:
Comments on C_max/C_min Distributions

Studies of and Searches for Burst Repetition and Clustering

J.M. Quashnock and D.Q. Lamb:
Evidence that Gamma-Ray Burst Sources Repeat

G.R. Blumenthal, D.H. Hartmann, and E.V. Linder:
The Angular Correlation Function of Gamma-Ray Bursts

J.J. Brainerd, W.S. Paciesas, C.A. Meegan, and G.J. Fishman:
The Nearest Neighbors of BATSE Gamma-Ray Bursts: Narrowing the Possibilities

D.H. Hartmann, G.R. Blumenthal, K. Hurley, E.V. Linder, J. Hakkila, G.J. Fishman, C.A. Meegan, R.B. Wilson, M. Brock, J.M. Horack, C. Kouveliotou, M.S. Briggs, W.S. Paciesas, and G.N. Pendleton:
Do Classical Gamma-Ray Bursts Repeat?

R. Narayan and T. Piran:
Do Gamma-Ray Burst Sources Repeat?

R.J. Nemiroff, G.F. Marani, J.R. Cebral, and J.P. Norris:
Correlations with Gamma-Ray Bursts

G.F. Zharkov, V.G. Kurt, and V.G. Zharkov:
Analysis of the Density Fluctuations in the Gamma-Ray Bursts Distribution

K.W. Chuang:
Search for Periodically-Repeating Gamma-Ray Bursters from BATSE

R.J. Nemiroff, W.A.D.T. Wickramasinghe, J.P. Norris, C. Kouveliotou, G.J. Fishman, C.A. Meegan, and W.S. Paciesas:
Searching Gamma-Ray Bursts for Gravitational Lensing Echos

T.E. Strohmayer, E.E. Fenimore, and J.A. Miralles:
BATSE Burst Location Accuracy and Constraints on the Fraction of Repeating GRB Sources

V.C. Wang and R.E. Lingenfelter:
Repeating Sources of Classical Gamma-Ray Bursts

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