Instrumentation and New Analysis Techniques

C. Akerlof, M. Fatuzzo, B. Lee, R. Bionta, A. Ledebuhr, H.-S. Park, S. Barthelmy, T. Cline, and N. Gehrels:
Gamma-Ray Optical Counterpart Search Experiment (GROCSE)

F. Alberghini, D. Dal Fiume, F. Frontera, and G. Pizzichini:
Albedo Effect on the Expected In-Flight Performance of the Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor on Board the SAX Satellite

S.D. Barthelmy, T.L. Cline, N. Gehrels, T.G. Bialas, M.A. Robbins, J.R. Kuyper, G.J. Fishman, C. Kouveliotou, and C.A. Meegan:
BACODINE: The Real-Time BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Coordinates Distribution Network

G.J. Fishman, C.A. Meegan, C. Kouveliotou, R. Mallozzi, J. Horack, T. Koshut, G. Pendleton, W.S. Paciesas, R.B. Wilson, and M.N. Brock:
BATSE: Burst Performance and Experiment Status

K. Hurley and T. Cline:
The Fourth Interplanetary Network: Arcsecond Localizations from Spacecraft at 100 AU

N. Kawai:
X-Ray Telescope Array for Gamma-Ray Burst Localization

E.P. Liang:
X-Rays from Gamma Ray Bursts

A. Owens, J. Greiner, T. Mineo, K. Pounds, M. Rees, B. Sacco, L. Scarsi, B. Schaefer, S. Sembay, O. Terekhov, and A. Wells:
RULER: An Instrument to Measure Gamma-Ray Burster Distances

H. Pedersen, M. Andersen, and M. Boër:
Ideas for a Large Detector for Optical Transients

M. Brock, C. Meegan, R. Wilson, C. Kouveliotou, W. Paciesas, G. Pendleton, M. Briggs, and R. Preece:
The Kapteyn (Lognormal) Distribution as a Model of GRB Spectra and Pulse Profiles

P.E. Freeman, C. Graziani, D.Q. Lamb, and T.J. Loredo:
New Techniques in the Fitting of Gamma-Ray Burst Cyclotron Lines

K. Hurley and M. Sommer:
Timing Accuracy of the Ulysses GRB Experiment

K. Hurley:
Cross-Correlating Gamma-Ray Burst Time Histories

J.J.M. in't Zand and E.E. Fenimore:
Trigger Efficiencies of BATSE and PVO

T.M. Koshut, W.S. Paciesas, G.N. Pendleton, M.N. Brock, G.J. Fishman, C.A. Meegan, and R.B. Wilson:
An Evaluation of BATSE Burst Locations Computed with the MAXBC Datatype

D.C. Meredith, J.M. Ryan, C.A. Young, and J.P. Lestrade:
Wavelet Analysis of Gamma Ray Bursts

R.T. Skelton and W.A. Mahoney:
A Search Technique for Weak and Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts from Background Model Residuals

P.G. Varmette, J.P. Lestrade, G.J. Fishman, C.A. Meegan, M.N. Brock, R.D. Preece, M.S. Briggs, G.N. Pendleton, and W.S. Paciesas:
Using Contour Maps to Search for Red-Shifted 511 keV Features in BATSE GRB Spectra

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