BATSE Solar Flares

BATSE Strong Solar Flare Catalog
Published and current catalog of BATSE and GOES Solar Flares with peak counts rates greater than 100,000 cps observed with BATSE. A complete list of BATSE solar flares triggers can be seen on this server.

BATSE Strong Solar Flare 8-Detector Light Curves
BATSE solar flare lightcurves showing count rates in all 8 detectors.

BATSE Strong Solar Flare 4-Channel Light Curves
BATSE solar flare lightcurves showing for the four brightest detectors the count rates in each of 4 energy channels.

Distribution of solar flare intensities for BATSE Energy Channel 3 (100 -- 300 keV) and Channel 4 (above 300 keV) as a function of peak count rates measured with BATSE.

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