Pulsar Publications
"Discovery of the 198 s X-ray Pulsar GRO J2058+42" (C. A. Wilson, et al.) (gzip'd version is here)
This paper has been accepted for publication in ApJ, to appear in Vol 499 (June 1, 1998).

"Observations of Accreting Pulsars" (Bildsten, L. et al.) (gzip'd version is here)
This paper summarizes the first 5 years of BATSE observations of accreting pulsars, and has been published in ApJ Suppl. V 113, p. 367.

Papers from the 4th Compton Symposium (Williamsburg,VA 27-30 Apr 1997)

"Recent Results from Observations of Accreting Pulsars" (Finger, M. H. and Prince, T. A.)
"GRO J2058+42 X-ray Observations" (Wilson, C. A. et al.)
"Observations of Pulse Evolution in Her X-1" (Scott, D. M. et al.)
"Long-term Observations of Her X-1 with BATSE" (Wilson, R. B et al.)
"Orbit Determination for the Be/X-Ray Transient EXO 2030+375" (Stollberg, M. T. et al.)

Paper from the 31st COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Birmingham,UK (July 1996)

"QPO in Transient Pulsars" (Finger, M. H.)

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