BATSE Light Curves of GRBs with Counterpart Observations

This page presents the lightcurves observed with BATSE of GRBs that have been observed at other wavelengths. These gamma ray lightcurves are shown in four different energy channels, covering the energy range of approximately E > 20 keV. Select the small images to lightcurves in the separate energy channels. Postscript and PDF formats are also available for download and printing.

Lightcurves of other BATSE GRBs are also available. For more detailed information on GRB counterpart observations, see Jochen Greiner's Gamma-Ray Burst Page.

Lightcurves for GRB 970508
GRB 970508, BATSE Trigger 6225

Lightcurves for GRB 971214
GRB 971214, BATSE Trigger 6533

Lightcurves for GRB 980329
GRB 980329, BATSE Trigger 6665

Lightcurves for GRB 980723
GRB 980703, BATSE Trigger 6891

Lightcurves for GRB 990123
GRB 990123, BATSE Trigger 7343

Lightcurves for GRB 990316
GRB 990316, BATSE Trigger 7475

Lightcurves for GRB 991216
GRB 991216, BATSE Trigger 7906

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