BATSE GRB Durations
20% of GRBs last less
 then 2 s with a peak at 0.4 s 80% of GRBs last more
 then 2 s with a peak at 40 s

Distribution of BATSE 4B GRB Durations

This image shows the durations of the 4B Catalog Gamma-Ray Bursts recorded with the Burst and Transient Source Experiment on board NASA's Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory. The duration parameter used is T90, which is the time over which a burst emits from 5% of its total measured counts to 95%. The data used for the calculation are the BATSE 4 energy channel discriminator data. Lightcurves used for the calculation of T90 are integrated over all 4 channels (E > 20 keV).

GIF, Postscript, and PDF versions of the distribution are available.

The duration data table is available from the BATSE 4B Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog page.

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