Since its launch in 1991 April, BATSE has been continually observing gamma-ray bursts and other transient phenomena. The gamma ray burst data are published in a series of burst catalogs, which follow the naming convention "BATSE nB Gamma Ray Burst Catalog", where n is an integer beginning at 1. The latest published catalog as of 1999 March is the 4B Catalog.

Each catalog contains all burst data from the start of the mission. For example, the 2B catalog contains all the data from the 1B catalog, the 3B catalog contains all data from the 2B (an thus from the 1B), etc.

The BATSE GRB Team has the most recent published catalog available on the World Wide Web. As of 1999 March, this corresponds to the 4B Catalog. The Current Catalog is also available, and is updated as new data are recorded, with a delay of a few days time. NOTE: data in the current catalog are subject to change.

For archived BATSE data, please visit the Compton Observatory Science Support Center.

The following links lead to the BATSE GRB Catalogs:

You may direct and comments or questions you have about the BATSE Burst Catalogs to the BATSE Gamma Ray Burst Team.

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